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    News — Cardinals

    St Louis Cardinals Parody Logo

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    Angry Cards

    Arizona Cardinals Parody Logo

    When we release these funny parody logos and corresponding blog posts it usually doesn't take long to think of something unique about the team we intend to spoof. We take those unique qualities and attempt to interject some humor into the post (but hey..it's not like we have the budget of a Barstool Sports for some decent writers).

    So what are we supposed to say about the Arizona Cardinals? They don't have an obnoxious fan base, nor a pompous owner, and they've never publicly been caught cheating. In fact, I rooted pretty hard for them when they played the Steelers, who do have all of the above, in Super Bowl XLIII. They also haven't really won much so they aren't covered by the national media often (Which gives us very little material to work with!).  

    So humor aside for a minute the first thing that came to my mind when brainstorming ideas for the Cardinals parody logo was an image of Pat Tillman running on the field.

    Every once in a while a person comes along that reminds us that professional sports is just a game for "grownups". In 2001, Pat Tillman was one of those people. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 Pat turned down a $3.6 million offer with the Cardinals and enlisted, along with his brother Kevin, in the United States Army. A short blog post can't do Pat's story justice. I encourage people that are interested in learning about a real sports hero to read Mary Tillman's book on Pat "Boots on the Ground by Dusk". Far too often we call Peyton Manning or Tom Brady's game winning drives heroic. My guess is that Manning and Brady would both be the first to tell you that football is not a truly heroic activity. What Pat and Kevin did is truly heroic and through the Pat Tillman Foundation their actions are continuing to improve lives. 

    We tend to memorialize the dead into larger than life figures. In Pat Tillman's case it is justified. However, let's not forget that Kevin Tillman did the same thing. He didn't make the ultimate sacrifice as his brother did but he was willing to and that makes him every bit as heroic in my book. So while Pat is memorialized in a statue, let's not forget that we have many living heroes among us still and Kevin Tillman is certainly one of them.

    **Eventually we will release this Arizona Cardinals/Angry Birds parody logo on some merchandise. When we do we will donate all of the proceeds to the Pat Tillman Foundation. Thank you to Pat, Kevin, and to all the true heroes out there.

    Cardinals Parody Football Logo



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