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    News — College

    Notre Dame Parody Logo

    I'm surprised the Political Correctness Police have yet to attack Notre Dame like they have the Washington Redskins for their ethnocentric name choices. I'm glad they haven't! The Fighting Irish have, in my opinion, one of the best logos out there. Besides, I don't really hear any of the Irish bitching about it. I guess maybe I would hear soemthing if the logo referred to another Irish stereotype...but don't they go together anyway?

    "Fighting Drunken Irish”

    Fighting Irish Parody Logo

    Michigan State Spartans Parody Logo "Poor Sparty"

    Before we start sketching any new sports parody logos we search to see if there is anything already out there. Occasionally someone has already beaten us to the punch. Rather than work around the edges of their design (A.K.A copying it) or trying to come up with a completely new concept, sometimes it makes sense to acquire it and make the artist part of the Parody Tease family. 

    This is exactly what happened when we came across Clarence Cromwell's funny MSU logo aptly titled "Poor Sparty". Clarence really knocked it out of the park with this logo and we couldn't have done it better ourselves. With the College Football Playoffs nearly upon us and MSU's opponent already parodied, we are excited to re-release our Michigan State Spartans parody logo.

    "Poor Sparty"

     MSU Funny Logo

    Miami Hurricanes Parody Logo

    If you haven't noticed by now this is not our Miami Hurricanes funny logo. It is currently M.I.A. for a very good reason which is top secret. For now, enjoy our funny gators and Seminoles parody....

    "The U...Have The Right To Remain Silent" 

    Hurricanes Funny Parody Logo




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