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    News — New York

    New York Knicks Parody Logo

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    NY State of mind...
    Lunatic or Derelict?


    New York Jets Parody Logo

    We've gotten a ton of requests for a New York Giant parody logo (stay tuned) and a New York Jets parody logo. 

    We threw a lot at you with this logo because there was a lot to cover. We might simplify it down the road but in the meantime here is our swing at a Jets parody logo. 

    Almost every team has a superfan in the stands somewhere that bleeds their team's colors. The Dolphins have "Big Papa Pump" and the Jets have "Fireman Ed" 

    Fireman Ed leads the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets chants every home game.  

    Until... Fireman Ed quit citing hostile conditions and heckling at Jets games because the team sucked so bad. (Apparently he got punched).

    Well now the J-E-T-S are decent again and guess who came out of retirement?....you guessed it!

    "Fairweather Ed"

    Jets Parody Football Logo



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